Welcome to Xcentric Hair Studio


Model: Serpent Hair Style

Our attentive and stylish team of hairstylists take pride in our ability to make your hair look its best. Not only do we possess the education and skill to create your desired look, but we maintain our inspiration by staying informed on current trends and techniques.

The laid-back atmosphere at Xcentric is a favourable contrast to our high standards of professionalism when it comes to designing hair. Our honesty and enthusiasm about our work are undeniable traits you will notice during your thorough consultation.

Xcentric is continuing in our goal to improve and evolve. Now located on the main floor of ‘the42’ lofts on Bridgeport Road East, our new space allows us to grow as a team and offer a modern facility to serve you.

We welcome you to call, come in or visit our website often for more information on our special offers and services.